Founded in 2018, the foundation partners with schools and colleges across Wales to identify students that have strong academic potential, but for a variety of external factors, such as family unemployment, negative peer pressure or lack of effective role models, are restricted from seeing their full potential materialise.


Our Mission

To remove socio-economic barriers that often prevent a child from succeeding academically, despite having the potential. We do this by providing a stable foundation for students to focus on their studies. Through the use of multi year financial support and corporate style mentoring to those identified as at risk, with the single aim of advancing their grades at GCSE and A-Level, furthering their education, and ultimately allowing them to break free of a life time of poverty or crime.

With the closure of a lot of our traditional heavy industries children are having to prioritise making money (by whatever means) over their school work, in order to put food on the table at home. When combined with current cutbacks in regional and national government funding relating to farming and/or education, its only with the generosity of charities and foundations that we can afford to help the next generation break free of a seemingly never ending cycle of failed education, no job, life of crime and/or low income”
— Parent, (Prestatyn, North Wales)

What We will Achieve in 2019

  • Raise £1’000’000 during 2019 through multiple funding campaigns

  • Deliver the “IRONMAN” concept into Port Talbot across the summer of 2019

  • Continue to establish strong partnerships with Welsh Government and Local Councils

  • Raise the profile of the foundation across London and Wales

  • Host a charity fundraising Summer Ball in Wales, launch the 50@50 campaign

  • Start to give a little bit of hope to a few