Research has shown that its not what the children learn during term time that differentiates the children of wealthy families from those from lower income/no income families, its what they don’t learn during the school holidays that really makes the difference. Daily reading, going to museums, visiting destinations abroad, all just some of the things that widens the gap between children from differing backgrounds. IRONMAN seeks to reset this gap and move children with potential from achieving D, E, F (and below) into the A, B, C grades for GCSE level, and to leave school with at least 5 A-C Grades including Maths, Science and English Language.

IRONMAN is a multi disciplinary approach that aims to bring high quality private style tuition into a setting where the children’s imagination is explored and stretched, all whilst getting high quality daily nutritional intake. Combining focused learning, nutrition and resiliency training into a 5 week summer holiday course.


Five subjects delivered in small class sizes where the emphasis is on group success. Creating a team mentality amongst the children to target Maths, Science and English, along with two additional subjects such as Art, Music, French, Welsh, History, Geography (Depending on the cohort).


No-one is going to change your situation for you, only you have the power to initiate change. In a world that tells you you’re not good enough, we ignite a passion to succeed that has always been inside, you just needed to be shown


Its hard to stay awake in class when you’ve not eaten the right food (or eaten at all) on any given day. Providing Breakfast and Lunch five days a week across the six weeks, helping both the parents and the child