Our founder come from a disadvantaged background, but a love of mathematics and the love and kindness of two mentors through his formative years meant the he was able to escape a future of crime and/or low income.

The name of the foundation represents a subtle play on words from the first school he went to which was called “Traethmelyn”, which means Yellow Beach in Welsh.

The shape of the words represents a perfect Fibonacci sequence, or more correctly in its use within our logo, a Fibonacci Spiral. So often seen in nature and more frequently seen in Marketing and Branding as a “Golden Circle”. If you’ve never heard of this then do go ahead of google it, its both inspiring and fascinating

And finally, the red arrow pointing to the letter N, is a graphical depiction and interpretation of the mentors that influenced our founder to never stray too far from his true due north in life, and whilst crime may well pay in the short term, in the longer term it will end in tears.

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